having reached their collabortive pinnacle at a showing of their work at the landmark cafe and bagel shop in chicago, casey and nicholas decided not to speak for a couple of years. however, when these old art school friends found each other again, they decided to do something real together. the culmination of their jaded socialist views combined with meager handy-man skills has resulted in the making of the finch gallery.


incorporated in early 2007, the greenhouse contemporary art center is a nonprofit organization focused on creating educational opportunities for the arts community. we are designed to operate outside the given market-driven system of the art world. concentrating on fostering a public dialogue based on visual artwork and its creation, our aim is to bring emerging artists and the public together through lectures and exhibitions, to provide a venue for educational workshops, and to work with the next generation of artists to prepare them for a higher level of involvement in the arts.

educational programs

we believe that making a lasting change in the arts requires involvement with artists from an early stage. for this reason, we are offering prep classes for high-school students who are interested in continuing into a higher level of art education. this course will help the student in portfolio development, provide them with information for choosing a school, and present opportunities for conversation with artists who are already established in the studentís field of interest. with the ever-rising cost of education, it is important that students are prepared from the beginning; this course aims to help them choose the right program as well as ensure that they are ready to be effective within it.

the finch gallery

as an exhibition venue, our goal is to bridge the esoteric divide between artist and audience in an effort to facilitate learning opportunities on both sides. located in a storefront near the intersection of armitage and california in humboldt park, the finch gallery is designed to allow artists to showcase their work outside of the sales-oriented gallery circuit. we are focused on presenting one artistís work at a time, allowing for a fuller exploration of the ideas put forth. open to all medias, the gallery has been home to experimental music and political cartoons, hand-made books and kinetic sculpture.


while everyone involved in the organization is a working artist, save, thankfully, for our treasurer, we all recognize the importance of building a better community around us. the GCAC is looking to do this not only through our visual work, but also with the school we are building. Our main goal is to prepare the cityís youth for a higher level of participation in art education and beyond. with the continuing cuts in funding for the arts in our public schools, students need other resources to help them reach their creative potential.

individual attention will be given to each student in the preparation of a developed and representative portfolio. the formal foundation of technical skills will serve as a base for students to explore new methods as well as historical approaches. students will also have the prospect for dialogue with other members of the arts community as their instructors will introduce them to professionals in the fields of studio art, education, art therapy, and curatorial studies. once an understanding of the studentís interests is achieved, information on local and national arts programs will be provided. admissions requirements and scholarship opportunities will be discussed along with more specific aspects of the schools and their surrounding environments. overall, we look to give students guidance concerning the possibilities of an art education and the professional field that lies after; so that they may fully utilize their resources and move forward into the world of contemporary art with confidence.


named after one of the most common species of birds, the finch gallery acknowledges the humble collaborations through which it was founded. we believe that the full potential of art is not realized until it becomes part of a conversation. it is this dialogue that is the curatorial aim for the gallery. by presenting one artist or collaborative group at a time, we may more fully explore the ideas presented; the public has the opportunity to engage in a fuller range of thoughts as presented and, in turn, the artist is challenged to excel within the spotlight. all exhibits are to be the first career solo showing for those represented, adding a particular excitement for the artist and audience alike. as the divide grows between the public and contemporary art practices, we look to foster an environment where the theoretical depths of the work may be accessed and understood.