starting in fall 2007, the greenhouse community art center will offer prep courses designed for high school students who intend to enroll in higher art education programs. the focus will be on portfolio development and to act as an admissions liason between the student and their perspective institutions.

coursework. students will be given individual attention in preparation and development of their portfolios in their chosen mediums. studio assignments will be given to challenge each student to work within and beyond their abilities. increasingly advanced techniques will be introduced as progress and knowledge is gained. relevant artists and movements will be discussed, as well as strategies for the student to expand their artistic dialogue. the overall goal is to prepare the students to present a cohesive and representitive portfolio to higher level art education programs.

admissions liason. information will be provided to students concerning the admissions procedure and degree programs of local and national art schools. the organization will not act as an advocate of any particular institution and will advise students on an objective basis. services will also be available to provide students with scholarship opportunities from private, city, state, and national organizations.

participation is open to all students regardless of age, sex, race or religious orientation.