this saturday night will bring the last event held at the finch gallery in our current location. i am using this night not only as a celebration of friends and collaborators, whom, over the last two years, have helped me immeasurably in achieving the goals of this project; but also to continue to introduce new art to the city of chicago. bookending a night of live music and readings at the gallery, will be the release of hans hetrick's first published collection of poetry and the opportunity to get to know the many talents and filmwork of chris hefner, as we help raise the funding for his first feature film.

i wish to invite all of you for a long night as i take pleasure in sharing with you some of my favorite people.

the scheduling is loose, but goes something like this:

doors will open around 6...

release and reading of fighting love, a collection of poetry by hans hetrick
readings will also be given by jill summers, dave snyder and others.

musical performances will be given by judson claiborne, the gunshy, and daniel knox.

chris hefner will then wow us with audio - visual pleasures and peculiarities as we raise money for his feature film, the pink hotel.

the gallery itself will be showcasing the work of casey murtaugh and the photography of john atwood.

its then records and tea 'til dawn!

we are at 2747 w. armitage - just east of california. click here for directions.